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Combining Abacus Training with modern Technologies 

Abacus Brain Gym’s method combines Computer Aid Training,  High Speed Hearing Calculation and a Proven Curriculum.

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Why does ABG use arithmetic as the subject of the training and how important is mental arithmetic?

Arithmetic is remarkably important for helping young children build up a solid academic foundation. Teachers who work with young children know that it is not easy to introduce the concept of numbers and their values. For young children to comprehend the concepts of mathematics when presented only in the abstract form will take a long process. It is difficult for children to comprehend numeric relationships without using concrete objects such as abacus beads to relate numeric values. 

Learning how to compute numbers mentally is equally important, as it will effectively tap the unexploited parts of the brain and therefore promotes the overall intelligence. The practice of mental arithmetic will sharpen the imaginative and memory power. According to a scientific research, a child who lacks good mental formation can experience a sharp decline in mental abilities even as early as the age of 20. On the other hand, a child who receives this formation by the age of 12 will continue to remain brilliant even up to the age of 70.

Why is learning abacus a must while calculator is available for computing numbers in the world today?

Although that calculator and computer have replaced human brain in computing numbers, learning abacus is a must for every child because it is instrumental in developing whole brain and lifetime skills. Using abacus requires co-ordination of the main nerves of the human body such as sight, sound and finger movement which will induce growth of brain cells. The mind undergoes three main stages of development namely physical contact, logical explanation and visualization throughout the process and the abacus acts as a bridge that connects the three stages. More than 80% of the world population are right-handed and right-handed people normally have more developed left brain with less developed right brain. While the creativity side of the right brain is more than a thousand times than that of the left brain. Learning abacus will stimulate the development of the right brain at an early age. 

The advantages of learning abacus through ABG are:

     •     Improve the accuracy and the speed of computing skill or logical reasoning.

     •     Build stronger memory power.

     •     Enhance imaging skills or photographic memory.

     •     Raise the level and speed of understanding (comprehension).

     •     Increase sense of observation/visualization power.

     •     Sharpen sound judgement/hearing power.

     •     Promote endurance or longer concentration.

     •     Enjoy the fun of learning and reduce stress.

     •     Create higher learning capability and self-confidence .

The practice of abacus involves intensive finger movements and will also help blood circulation and enhancing the overall health.

I learned abacus long time ago when I was still in school and how is ABG program different from the conventional abacus lessons?

First, conventional abacus lessons required children to spend a long period of time learning abacus. As a result, only the left hemisphere of the brain is stimulated and right half of the brain is ignored. Also, most of conventional abacus lessons used 2/5 abacus (2 beads on the top and 5 beads at the bottom) and ABG uses 1/4 abacus in the training process. This is a system inherited from the Japanese and now is used internationally.

To break through the obstacles of the time consuming traditional abacus training, ABG's system combines the traditional Chinese abacus, the Japanese quick mind teaching and the most advanced computer technology in the whole training process. ABG programs are facilitated with the high speed hearing and brainwave research.

What are the merits of quick mind teaching?

ABG's program is based on a 20-year history in Japan. Approximately 700 thousand college students and executives of major companies participated during the research period. They listened to messages spoken at high speed to train their ability to listen and comprehend. This training stimulated their right-side brain, but slowed down their left-side brain which allowed the participants to release their work pressure, to increase their creativity and to improve their attitude toward their study and work. A study in the University of Tokyo indicated that quick mind training can stimulate 19 different kinds of brain functions. In addition, it can help to avoid and/or reduce the risk of approximately 23 different kind of cardiac diseases.

Is abacus program available some where else?

Abacus programs are available in Japan, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Oman, India, Canada, UK, USA, etc. However, ABG is the only one that provides abacus program with the emphasis on high speed hearing and brainwave research enhanced with advanced computer technology.

What is the structure of the program and how long will it take to complete the program?

Class starts with the easiest one digit additions/subtractions then develops to 5 digits more complicated multiplications/divisions. There are 10 grades in the whole program from the lowest 10th to the highest 1st grade. If a student takes lessons once a week for 90 minutes per class, it takes approximately 24 classes/24 weeks to finish one grade. 

How can ABG help nurturing your child's intelligence?

ABG programs are designed to improve not only on a child's calculating ability and his/her understanding of arithmetic, but also to increase the memory power and creativity, the concentration level and the listening skill, as well as the ability to analyze problem. On top of loving math for lifelong success, our ultimate goal is to build your child's confidence level in his/her school work and life.

By using the well-organized and challenging-enhanced methodology, ABG helps children quickly improve their ability to calculate as much as 2 to 10 times. By stimulating both the left and the right sides of the brain during the training process, experts believe that abacus & mental abacus training is the key to optimal learning capability.

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