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“…today's 9- and 13-years old probably know as much mathematics as 10 and 14 year olds in 1973, the study finds; but even if those gains continued, American students would still take 125 years to catch up with their counterparts in Singapore and 83 years to reach their peers in Japan (assuming scores in those countries did not improve).” (09/06/2000)

The New York Times

”…Thanks to the development of cerebral physiology and machines that can accurately measure the amount of blood flow in the brain, recent studies have proven that the abacus method of mental calculation is extremely effective in activating the right brain... I believe that the abacus education can be one of the significant guidelines for life…“ (08/24/2000)      


Dr. Toshio Hayashi                 Professor, Osaka Prefecture University

Director, Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology


“…I have been engaged in research concerning the abacus for many years from the perspective of a psychologist. My research findings show that abacus study not only improves the ability to calculate both on the abacus and mentally, but also provides a beneficial ripple effect on other disciplines. The first effect is improvement of numerical memory. The  second is improvement of memory in spatial arrangement.  The third is progress in solving general mathematical problems rapidly and accurately. These characteristics show positive ripple effects on the solution of various mathematical problems...”  


Shizuko Amaiwa  

Professor, Shinshu University, Faculty of Education



“…The ability developed by abacus training can be used

 effectively in different ways.  What is important is that the ability to visualize can be put to use for other subjects  and behaviors. I believe an effective application of image thinking induces human creativity and inspiration…”  (07/14/2000)                                          

Kimiko Kawano

Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences


“…The Japanese abacus is not just a traditional tool but an instrument for changing education in the coming century...“                            

 Keiko Ishiwata - Instructor

“My name is Nina Wilson. I am a National Board Certified teacher with over a decade of teaching experience. My husband and I are both educators. We decided to enroll our daughter in abacus class after hearing of its success from a family friend. Our daughter has never struggled academically, however we know that nation-wide math has become an area of concern.”

“Our 7 years of age daughter has been in the abacus class for only one full semester. Her progress in this short time has more than exceeded our expectations. From the beginning, both I and other parents noticed how our children’s concentration increased and spilled over to other venues of their lives. It was a joy to watch my daughter’s self-confidence grow with her new found intellect. She became very proud of herself and her own accomplishments from week to week. During the process, as new concepts were introduced she would become frustrated, but as she practiced and felt herself becoming more proficient, her confidence grew and she excelled. She learned to push beyond her frustration until she achieved success.”

“It is not uncommon for my daughter to ask for numbers to add and subtract whenever there is a moment of unfilled time. In restaurants, while driving in the car, at home –she enjoys practicing! I’ll never forget the reaction of my family members when Caitlyn was able to come up with the correct response to a math equation before my older brother, sister and mom. They each have advanced degrees from college and yet my 7 year-old-daughter was out-adding and subtracting them. Everyone was completely amazed at her speed and accuracy. Their reactions only fueled Caitlyn’s fire to become more and more proficient at math.”

“Since both my husband and I are educators, we get a chance to see firsthand the effects of not being adequately academically prepared. We know that our students struggle in math nation-wide. We feel blessed beyond measure to have been exposed to ABG’s teaching of abacus to our daughter.”

“Of all the things parents have to worry about with their children, we now have one worry to cross off of our list. We are confident that with the abacus approach to math, our daughter will be more than adequately prepared in math. Abacus has opened a whole new world for our daughter. She has gained such confidence in herself and feels good about her accomplishments. She is able to track her own growth in math and push herself to get better. She is learning life lessons along with the abacus approach to math. She is learning how preparation leads to preparedness.”

“I strongly recommend this program to any parent who has a child enrolled in math in this society and wants to ensure that their child gets ahead.”

Nina Wilson, Parent of ABG's student

We are grateful to your contribution and dedication to improve subham's overall ability. Besides his math , we found he is now improved a lot in other studies. Now he has a competitive attitude towards study, which is more vital. We found your ways of study and interaction with kids contribute a lot towards improving the quality of kids education.”

“We pray for your organization to grow in all direction to reach more kids. We are anxiously waiting for the next level class, as we know it will be important and fruitful to our kids improvement.

Smita & Subrat Sahoo, Parents of ABG's student

I think one major benefit of the class is confidence/self esteem.  When our kids are doing things that others cannot do, it will be a source of both.  Today, Cole was doing some mental math - thinking of the abacus.  A Watchdog (a dad that helps in the class / around the school) saw him and said “I can’t even do that”.  Of course Cole was proud of himself and told me about it this afternoon.  I’m with the Watchdog and can’t do it either!  I’m really excited for our kids and what they are all accomplishing in the abacus class.”

Kristine Foster, Parent of ABG's student

“We are really glad to have signed Neal up for the brain training at Abacus Brain Study.  In less than 6 months, Neal has gone from 2 numbers addition to 8 numbers  addition and subtraction all done in his mind mentally through his imagination skill.”

“Although Neal is only 5 years old and in kindergarten, he has shown the learning skill acquired at the second grade level and he has become an excellent reader.”

“We are very impressed with his reading skill and he can even spell very difficult words that we won't expect him to have the memory skill to recall the letters.”

“We truly believe that the mental abacus training helps synchronize  both sides of the brain to work actively for a much more efficient learning and help kids build confidence. “

“We are so glad that ABG is doing this for our kids.”

Rina & Pankaj Gajjar, Parents of ABG's student

“We will do everything to make sure ABG stays in Austin! We are so fortunate to have ABG program in our community!”

“I found out about Abacus Brain Gym at a party about two years ago.  I was already very impressed when I saw my friend’s son can do math very fast, I immediately registered my 8-year old son, Nicholas, for the program.”

“After two years of training, Nicholas is way ahead of his peers in many ways. Through the mental stimulation of image-abacus practice, Nicholas has the opportunity to synchronize his left and right brain and we think he may have more connections in his brain network than we do.”

“Nicholas can also process very complicated information other than mathematics fast and accurately.  The challenging task we now have is to find something for Nicholas to explore for his fast thinking mind.”

“My husband recently bought a pre-calculus book to introduce Nicholas for the challenge and to our surprise, he went through the book with my husband and he can get the answer sooner than my husband who is already familiar with the subject while we consider Nicholas to be too young for the topic.”

“We are very strong believers of the program due to the benefits we observed in Nicholas and we enrolled our second son Alan who just started kindergarten. Both Nicholas and Alan love the abacus teacher and the classes so much that they rate her their best teacher! “

Annie Gao and Chang Liu, Parents of ABG's student

"I tell my son frequently how fortunate he is that he is taking the abacus program and that he has ABG program available in Austin. He has an amazing opportunity to develop his math and memory skills, creativity, logic and visualization abilities at a level that will be necessary if he is to compete in his future's global marketplace."

"Not only is the program superb, but ABG also has a loving teacher who has an incredible passion not only for teaching Abacus but motivating the children to develop their God given gifts."

"There is a small window of opportunity that children have to take advantage of Abacus. I would not think twice about enrolling a child. I truly believe those children who don't take abacus are at a distinct disadvantage."

David & Teresa Kuhn, Parents of ABG's student

"Both of my kids (Felix - 8 yrs old, Rachel - 6 yrs old) have been taking abacus class for almost 18 months. The reasons I put them in this class is to help them focus on their learning, enhance their problem solving skills and learning skills. After three-6 months courses, I do see these improvements on them. Especially my son, Felix, now, he can get a pretty good scores on his school works and tests without me tutoring him. His thinking process seems to have improved."

"Learning time tables can be tough for a lot of kids. However, the abacus class makes the learning transition so smoothly for my kids. Now, they do the time tables very well and make them so confident at school in Math. I am glad both of my kids have an opportunity to attend the abacus class. It is not only to improve their math skills, but also to help them build their confidence and enrich their thinking process."

Winnie Chan, Parent.

"Abacus Brain Gym has impacted our son Nathaniel's development to a great extent. Our decision to have Nathaniel participate in this program was driven by the programs ability to develop our child's whole brain and lifetime skills. Unlike other programs, the Abacus program provides for long term results and optimal learning capability."

"Since engaging in the program in 2004, we've seen improvements in our sons overall academic achievements, concentration & comprehension levels, memory power, reading speed, and overall confidence level. He is able to do more in less time and thrives in pressure situations. On Mondays Nathaniel usually gets his spelling words and memory verses and by that evening he's comfortable with them and so we're able to focus on other things for the rest of the week. Nathaniel can now complete chapter books in half the time he did in the past, while increasing his level of comprehension."

"ABG has provides a nurturing environment that allows all the children to thrive, while always impressing upon them the need to always do their best. Nathaniel continues to be excited about going to Abacus class and we are always overjoyed to see his look of achievement when he earns his tickets on a weekly basis."

"While the Abacus Program for us has been a proven success, the important reality is that ultimate success is heavily reliant on the parents commitment to the goal and end result. It's not just important for Nathaniel to be good in Math, which we view as a short term gain of the program. What is of ultimate importance to us as parents is that we provide Nathaniel with the opportunity to optimize his brain development during these critical formative years, which will enable him to achieve long term sustainable success in all areas of academia and throughout his life."

Lanre & Michelle Adamolekun, Parents of ABG's student

"I am so fortunate that I made the right decision to put my daughter, Rayhan, in the abacus program almost a year ago. I knew the theory sounds great, and I was willing to give it a try to see if abacus training will make a difference in my daughter's learning skill. Soon after one level of abacus training at Abacus Brain Gym in Austin, I discovered that it had made a dramatic improvement on Rayhan's concentration skill and memory power. She used to have problems memorizing musical notes and the piano teacher had to spend over the entire session to remind her of just one simple mistake. Now, with the mental stimulation through image abacus, Rayhan can memorize 6 pages of piano notes easily and play without the notes in front of her. Correcting her mistakes can happen right at the moment when the piano teacher pointed it out to her, it doesn't have to take the entire session anymore."

"The most important thing of all is that Rayhan enjoys the abacus class so much that she would be very upset if she had to miss any abacus class. One day, she was sick and she felt so sad that she had to miss the abacus class. She asked me to attend the abacus class for her and taught her after I got home. I kept telling Ms. Juli that I am so glad she is offering an abacus program in Austin, as a matter of fact, I told her that I didn't move to Boston with my husband, partly due to no abacus course in Boston yet. I feel like I am a visionary mom for spotting this good opportunity for my daughter, and would strongly recommend this unique abacus program offered by Abacus Brain Gym."

Irish Chang, Parent of ABG's student

“Motivation is defined in the dictionary as “The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way, the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. “  Sometimes motivation is fueled by one reason sometimes it is a collective of reasons for striving to attain, regardless of this is the fluid that feeds the body and mind to reach a goal, a destination. Abacus Brain Gym has served for me as a vehicle for my collective goal for my children. My dream is for them to grow up to be strong, virtues men with character of mind, body and spirit.  Men that can use their minds and that its use will be for good, men that can focus of their goals that will be able to make a difference in their part of the world regardless of the range their influence reaches.  

As the mother of my children I see the future with a broader view than the narrow view their youth can offer. I see how glorious it can be if they learn to use their minds to a greater degree and Abacus Brain Gym is certainly a part of that. I find that trying to explain that to them is almost futile because even though they could trust me they still cannot see. That’s why the Hall of Fame has helped me teach them delayed gratification, especially with my eldest son, Kael. Perhaps he can’t see his manhood with the gift of the abacus math, but he can see the trophy from the Hall of Fame championship.  Teaching him to make wise choices towards a more desirous end isn’t always fun, although it most certainly can be some of the time, teaching them to choose between the immediate reward of playing a video game, or the delayed joy of winning Hall of Fame.  For my younger boys, seeing that they are only 5yrs old, Hall of Fame was at the time too high a goal to reach so we had small personal goals. The goals changed and the motivation to reach them had to be tailored to their growing minds and personalities, but they have all been geared towards that greater goal for their manhood, to be men of character and virtue.  Not only have I been given the opportunity to teach my boys the joys of delayed gratification, we have also learned focus, we have learned discipline, we have learned to be consistent, we have learnt to keep our word to our goal and the consequences of not doing so, we have learnt to judge between reaching towards a goal and over reaching, we have learnt that emotions have nothing to do with our ability to learn and to grow.  I have received more than just the gift of numeracy and more than whole brain growth, I have also received great opportunities to teach them about life. That to me is gold. 

Journeying through the ABG curriculum has served as an essential towards my dreams for them. It has proven to offer so many opportunities to teach them about the true values in life. I will not say that it has always been easy to stick to our goals and to persevere through.  We’ve had up days and we’ve had low days, yet, that in itself has been a firm ground to teach them at an early age that it will always be that way. Our job isn’t to make life a perfect balance, but rather to find our balance when life isn’t perfect.”  

Pearl Renaud, Parent & Teacher of ABG's student

"The progress in my daughter, Kaela, has been incredible! Though tough at first, she has a lot more self-confidence in math. As with all things, it is helping her in other activities as she comes to understand that hard work pays off."

Myung Lemond, Parent of ABG's student

"Abacus Brain Gym is an excellent enrichment program. The program focuses on teaching children discipline and concentration, on top of providing an opportunity to stimulate children intelligence through math. As a mother, I have been so pleasantly surprised to see how much improvement my son had made from taking Abacus Brain Gym program for about 7 months in the area of doing much quicker math with just fingers (Image Abacus) and can be more focus on tasks. Although that my son sometimes has some tough times doing some complicated problems, but once we spent some time to help him get back on track, he has fun again and proud for the challenge."

"I also can honestly say that when I first tried to register my son to learn abacus, my husband was very skeptical about the abacus program. He asked me why I registered my son in this kind of class and he said our son doesn't need this abacus class. A few months into the training, my husband became a believer and one of the strongest supporter of the Abacus Brain Gym program. In fact, my husband has been recommending the abacus program to all of our families and close friends. My husband always asks our son to demonstrate his abacus skill to his peers, especially when they visit our house. He also told the teacher that our second son is getting ready for the abacus class. I strongly endorse and appreciate abacus program in Austin."

Anita Luo, Parent of ABG's student

"I worked (watched) with my daughter doing abacus homework for the first couple weeks and then, she started to finish it herself. I don't even need to ask her to do it. She has never been this aggressive on anything before the abacus training. She has gain more confidence than before. The teacher is caring, patient and encouraging. Abacus Brain Gym program not only speed up math skill but also build up a positive learning attitude"

Grace Chen, Parent of ABG's student

"As a parent, I have been so impressed by the progress that my son Steven has made since he started taking the abacus class. He started doing calculations without using an abacus after only a month into the program, and his speed has been improving continuously up to this day."

"In sharp contrast to the previous absent-minded Steven, he is a lot more focused now and can concentrate on one thing for a long time. I owe all these to the abacus training class and the ABG’s effective teaching methods. I hope more and more parents will realize the potential of the abacus brain training and let their children have this opportunity which they probably never had when they grow up."

Chun Wang, Parent of ABG's student

"I am glad that there is an opportunity in Austin for my child to learn Abacus. After a little bit over one month, Derek has been handling the finger movement and the reaction of the sound very well. All my family members have been impressive on his progress and the speed to come up with the result by using the abacus. I believe that with ABG well-prepared training program, Derek is going to be beneficial with this unique asset." Darda Chang, Parent of ABG's student

"I learned Abacus when I was 10 and I have been benefitting from it all my life. Although I did not study Abacus as long as I would have liked, the short period of Abacus training enabled me to do math in my head in seconds and sped up my learning in other areas. So, I was so excited when I learned that Abacus lessons have finally come to town and my children would then have the opportunity to learn Abacus and discover the genius within themselves."

"I can tell you that Abacus is the most important asset that I had learned during my childhood and I will strongly recommend everyone takes these lessons. You will be amazed at how much this Abacus training can do. My 5 year old daughter has been learning Abacus now for one month and I can already see how much it has helped her.The teacher is a professional Abacus trainer for all ages and she is kind and sweet and has a great feel for how to teach and motivate children to learn."

"I feel really fortunate that ABG is so committed to bring Abacus program to Austin."

"Please provide this precious chance to your children, believe me, you won't regret it."

Charling Bell, Parent of ABG's student

"I am so appreciated that you have the commitment to bring this opportunity to Austin community."

"It is really our kids' fortune to have the chance to learn this."

Louisa, Parent of ABG's student

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