Nicholas Liu – Age 11

In First Grade, I was the smartest math student in the class, but I was really slow. One day in math class, we all had to do a MAD MINUTE to see how many simple adding problems can be completed in a minute. I used my fingers to count and the minute went by and I had only completed ten out of the thirty.

My parents heard of Abacus Brain Study of Texas at a party. They enrolled me right when I started second grade. The first and second lessons of Abacus Brain Gym were so easy, that I was motivated to move on. In one of our Second Grade math times, the class was required to complete a thirty problem addition MAD MINUTE. The maximum possible answer was 18. I barely finished in the minute.

I still stayed in Abacus Brain Gym, even in Fourth Grade because I wanted to keep challenging myself every Grade. Abacus really has improved me since First Grade. By Fourth Grade, I was in Abacus Grade 6. I enjoy math, which keeps me moving in Abacus. Mrs. Bonnickson, the Fourth Grade teacher had the class do a 30 question MAD MINUTE with 20 as the highest possible answer in addition. I finished with 12 seconds sparing.

In Fifth Grade, I was Abacus Grade 4, when my TAG (Talented and Gifted) teacher had us do, yet another MAD MINUTE with 30 problems. No one, except Trevor Sawires and I completed. I had a long time to rest because of my speed. The MAD MINUTEs were getting harder and harder. The second challenge was made up of 40 MAD MINUTE problems. I again completed with 12 seconds left. Trevor barely made it. The third and last challenge was a 50 problem MAD MINUTE which I barely completed, leaving Trevor 2 short.  I win.

You should try abacus too, for a challenge. Abacus covers Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When you are good enough, you won’t need an abacus anymore. You can imagine an abacus ‘in your head’. This is called ‘image’. The left side of your brain controls your knowledge. The vise-versa side controls imagination. To link the physical abacus to imaginary objects, created the image abacus, the abacus that uses both side of your brain, linking them for Ultimate Brain Power. I highly recommend Abacus Brain Study if you want to become a genius.

Rayhan Chang – Age 13

When people ask me how I memorize a twenty-five page concerto in a very short amount of time, or how I come up with ideas so quickly, I tell them that I take Abacus class. It’s a great class that teaches you how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide immense numbers, but most importantly, it helps you develop a magnificent memory and superior concentration.


Abacus has helped me in school too. Not only has it helped me in math, but also on tests. I can remember more topics the test is going to covered, and what it’s going to be about and, therefore, be more prepared on the day of the test.

Mrs. Juli Djonli, our instructor, is a magnificent teacher because she’s patient when I don’t understand something. She makes Abacus class fun and not monotonous at all.

I am happy to say that abacus has made a difference in many aspects of my life.

Vladimir Volobouev – Age 6

(with his parents’ help)

Abacus makes your brain stronger.  Abacus is not just about math, it also helps you develop your brain. When you need to do a lot of abacus, your brain cells work a lot and new brain cell connections grow from one cell to another. These new connections mean that your brain became smarter. You can defeat yourself by using your brain.

Everyone knows you can make improvements by trying hard.  Improvements means that you work very hard. It also means that you work a lot and spend a lot of time to get good results.  In abacus, you can have a lot of fun when you work a lot.  If you go to this program, you may become the best math student in your class.


We put our abacus on the table and we get our work sheets. These questions ask us to add or subtract numbers. Then our teacher tells us how many minutes we have to do it. If you do not finish before the time runs out, you do not deserve any tickets. When everyone finishes, our teacher turns on the computer and the computer reads out the answers for us to check.  We do hard questions in abacus. Sometimes we do tests. When someone does a very good test, they will get some tickets.


Different levels of Abacus have different color straps. When you completed a level of abacus, you get a new strap. If you pass sixth or first grade, you will get a trophy.

I like abacus because I learn a lot of math there.  I like to go to abacus because you play games there and it is a lot of fun. If you work very well, you can become the best champion in abacus. I like abacus because I’ve learned how to solve problems faster than my dad. Now he needs a calculator to keep up with me.

I like abacus because you get tickets for doing a lot of homework. When you earn many tickets, you count them all, and then you ask your teacher what you can pick for a prize. There are a lot of good and useful things that you can get for your tickets. When you pick something, you have to give back as many tickets as it costs.

I like abacus because I became the best math student in my class.

Skyler Johnson – Age 10

Why Abacus?

There are many reasons I like abacus and here are some of them.  Firstly, I like doing the homework!  I like it because I like to win fun prizes from winning daily, weekly, and monthly on the Abacus Hall of Fame.   Second, it helps me practice learning quick ways of doing math on a daily basis.  Third, it has taught me how to get good grade averages.  Abacus helped me reach my goal of having high grade averages in my school work.  For the first time, I have all A’s on my report card since the beginning of this school year.

The things that get me motivated to do abacus homework are:  my mom’s encouragement, seeing myself improve at school with A’s, and being able to answer math questions quickly and accurately- even faster than my friends and adults.  My teachers, family, and friends say, “WOW!!” when they see me do abacus math and that encourages me to keep working hard on my abacus.  

Now I want to talk about what keeps me working hard on my Abacus when I’m feeling low.  I keep doing my Abacus homework when I don’t feel like it sometimes because I know it will help me to succeed in life and teach me to never give up.  

Abacus has helped me be a better listener, be more patient, focus more on my grades, and balance my time between sports and school.  

Because of Abacus, my mom and teachers don’t fuss at me so about listening.  I finish what I start now because I’m more patient, and Abacus has helped me figure out how to do my school work and still have time for all the activities I like to do such as kung fu, dance, and hanging out with my mom.  

Lastly, I want to share a funny story about doing abacus. During the Christmas break, I was able to answer math problems faster than my cousin Vaughn who is studying to be a physicist at West Point.  It was so funny seeing the look on his face.  I was so proud of myself I couldn’t stop laughing!  My goal is to get into college early and study to be a robotics engineer and I definitely know abacus will help me along the way.  Abacus is a fun way to share my passion for math with my friends.

Jasmine Bell – Age 10

What is an abacus? An abacus is an ancient calculator from China that is still used today. Simple image helps me all the time in school. Below is an example of a math problem that I can do faster than my math group in school:

I did this sum the abacus way, so I finished the sum in about three seconds. I think other kids should join abacus because it helps you in many things, and you will feel good when you can finish your math lesson earlier than others. Come to the Abacus Brain Gym because you were born to be a genius!

Kara Li – Age 10

The Abacus Brain Study program helps you everywhere, especially in school. You may be left behind in school, but when you come to Abacus Brain Study, you’re on top of your school.  Abacus helps train your brain. You can do very long equations really fast in your head, like 5+2+3+10-6...    First, you learn how to use an abacus in Grade 10. Then you start to imagine an abacus in your head. Once you get used to it, you can do a question really fast.

If I had time, I would help other students learn how to use the abacus. I would persuade them to come to Abacus Brain Study and join the fun. At first, it may be boring when you start learning, but when you do the homework and earn tickets; you get to buy items with your tickets. There are lots of fun things, like games (i.e. Monopoly, Life, etc.), lamps, DVDs, CDs and a lot more fun coming your way!

Abacus helps you a lot. When you get started, you get an abacus, a binder with a schedule, and a backpack that says ‘Born to be a Genius’.

Abacus helps you a lot in math. You can do stuff really fast in your head. At first, you hate math, then you love it.  You’ll be happy you joined Abacus Brain Study!

Elaine Hung – Age 13

I have been doing abacus since I was eight or nine years old and I’m 13 right now. I have been doing it for a long time because it gives me something to do and I think it has given me more concentration so I have been doing better in school. My school grade average is 97% right now, but in fourth grade, it was about 94%.  iAbacus helped me do calculations in my head in just two seconds when adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing numbers.

Abacus also gives me motivation to try new and different things. Abacus has and still is going to help me in almost anything I do. Abacus also helps me look at things in a different perspective.

Kael Renaud – Age 7

Last year I started my abacus training and I have become better and better at doing fast calculations in my head.

My mom tells me to do the abacus and I do a bunch because I want to win the "Annual Hall of Fame"  and I really want to get that trophy.  When I do my abacus it’s fun and I like doing more and more. Sometimes I don’t like doing it, but I want to pass my level and I want to keep going, because I want to get smarter. 

Another thing that motivates me is I want to do school quick.  When I do my math subjects in school I can do it quickly because I learned the abacus.  I don’t want to stop doing the abacus. I want to finish all my levels, because I can get smarter and I like it, I want to advance forward. 

I’ve enjoyed going through my levels and passing them. I want other kids to learn the abacus, so they can learn fast calculations in their head like me. I am thankful for my Abacus Brain Gym training.

Joyce Chen – Age 9

I love learning abacus! It is a fun learning experience. Abacus has helped me excel in school. Abacus is exciting. To me, I would not have much to do during the week without homework to complete and classes to attend. One of them is Abacus Brain Study. Abacus is actually easy. Your mind will work hard though. In school, adding large numbers is no problem anymore, and with the extra multiplication and division in Abacus, school is now as easy as it can be. I think Abacus will help any child in math.

Nika Sarraf – Age 8

Abacus is good for you because it helps you with math. The more you practice, the better you get.  Abacus helps you use both sides of your brain. It also helps you learn some of the patterns.  When you don’t have an abacus, you can use image instead, so when you grow up, you will be very smart.  You will be a much better person. Abacus can also help you in school.


Andrew Glaeser – Age 5

It is cool if I can win a trophy.  I am a little turtle that keeps moving forward bit by bit. Doing Abacus everyday helps me to do homework faster and get more 100s.  Sometimes I think I am playing a math game against the computer. And Sometimes, I think I am a Neuron Trainer but not a Master yet. I wish that I can get 100 all the time.

      Shruti Shrikanth – Age 6

Abacus helps me in many ways. It helps me with math at school. I do Abacus homework everyday. On some days I only do 4 or 5 homework. Other days I do 10 to 15. If I do little by little everyday I can do 100 to 3000 every year!

Doing Abacus makes me better everywhere. I am glad I attend Abacus. I hope to go up to Grade 1. Soon I'll become an Abacus teacher!

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