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Undoubtedly a priceless gift from our sincere heart to empower any child in the world!

A simple answer for a long term goal for both parents and children to achieve the quality of life. It is certainly worth every second in your effort to achieve this goal as early as possible.

Early math fluency in young children and the ultimate brain power!

People who can do enough math are financially smart who seem to be financially successful early in age and  that affects their personal lives -- research shows these people have richer, happier life, make better decisions, and are more responsible citizens. 

Those who have a strong math skill foundation will most likely earn higher college degrees which will ultimately earn 60% more than those without.

In short, helping our kids develop their intellect to the best of their ability starting from early math fluency is certainly not everything, but it is undoubtedly a gift to our children.

Best Gift For Kids!

As a parent, I took a lot of time to research the best things I can provide for my child before I miss my chance during my child's most critical development years.  I encountered the abacus mental math program in most of Asian countries during our family vacation in 2001.  I was truly intrigued and impressed with the outcome of the training by observing kids that were taking this abacus mental math.  It took me more than a year of research, several trips to visit the abacus learning centers around the world and not to mention the financial involvement, to truly understand the concept behind this amazing training to our children generation. Now, Abacus Brain Gym has been serving children and parents compassionately for over a decade.  I have put together all the necessary information in this website to educate and encourage parents NOT to miss this precious gift for their child and I hope the content of this website deserves your time and your attention for your child potential.  


Intellectual exploration begins with physical exploration, especially for young learners.  Abacus math is the most effective method of introducing abstract concept of math to young children through the concrete representation of abacus beads for a physical and visual exploration. Without the help of the abacus tool, young learners won't become an explorer in math easily, both physically and mentally.

Be selective to your child’s early childhood training that don’t waste  your money and everyone’s time.  Through a creative teaching plan, abacus training is simple yet powerful for nurturing young children's inteligence during the critical brain development period and the high speed mental calculation can be used creatively to stimulate higher brain potential which exercises the mind and imagination. The visualization and problem solving skill plus the mental calculation are great assets for your children to build self-confidence all the way up to college and future career.

Emotional development and excitement about learning is more important than academics for young children.  Your child's ability to do well cognitively depends more on emotional development. It is important to provide a platform for an opportunity to face new learning challenges in order to develop a healthy emotional life and an excited curiosity about the world, Abacus training provides young children with a platform to manage frustration in order to tackle new challenges. Children learn best by experiments which are an important beginning to competence and responsibility. 

Abacus training provides the platform for little learners to build competition skill and removing learning fear at early age. Abacus Brain Gym has figured out how to teach the abacus math in the most effective method that will deliver the result faster with our proprietary software designed with beginner to advance levels and to promotes higher learning abilities especially in building keener listening skill.  Our platform provides the discipline to build concentration span, hyper-learning state, short-term and long term memory retention and immediate feedbacks on the scores that stimulate self-improvement skill.

Abacus Brain Gym's founding philosophy is to foster children’s ultimate brain potential and self confidence through a strategic intervention of math training during the critical brain development period and to end the gap of inequality through early math mastery. The ability to do math tied to high school graduation, future economic success, country global competitiveness to national security!

Abacus Brain Gym is about making connections that change children life from closing the gaps of innovation skill, technology advancement to income inequality.

We are passionate about children and we apply all our knowledge to build a strong foundation in children life with the 21st century tool kit rooted with ancient wisdom that we know how to assemble and we know children need to succeed.


Respectfully Yours,

Juli Agustar

CEO and Founder

Abacus Brain Gym, LLC

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You may have been introduced to the Brain Gym® program during one of your sessions during the abacus math training.

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