“Since both my husband and I are educators, we get a chance to see firsthand the effects of not being adequately academically prepared. We know that our students struggle in math nation-wide. We feel blessed beyond measure to have been exposed to ABG’s teaching of abacus to our daughters”

- Nina Wilson/ ABG parent

"Soon after one level of abacus training at Abacus Brain Gym in Austin, I discovered that it had made a dramatic improvement on Rayhan's concentration skill and memory power. She used to have problems memorizing musical notes and the piano teacher had to spend over the entire session to remind her of just one simple mistake. Now, with the mental stimulation through image abacus, Rayhan can memorize 6 pages of piano notes easily and play without the notes in front of her.”

-Iris Chang/ABG parent

"There is a small window of opportunity that children have to take advantage of Abacus. I would not think twice about enrolling a child. I truly believe those children who don't take abacus are at a distinct disadvantage." 
- David & Teresa Kuhn/ ABG parents

“When people ask me how I memorize a twenty-five page concerto in a very short amount of time, or how I come up with ideas so quickly, I tell them that I take Abacus class. It’s a great class that teaches you how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide immense numbers, but most importantly, it helps you develop a magnificent memory and superior concentration.”

- Rayhan Chang/ABG student

“The Japanese abacus is not just a traditional tool but an instrument for changing education in the coming century.” – Keiko Ishiwata, Instructor, Japan

“ In less than 6 months, Neal has gone from 2 numbers addition to 8 numbers  addition and subtraction all done in his mind mentally through his imagination skill.  Although Neal is only 5 years old and in kindergarten, he has shown the learning skill acquired at the second grade level and he has become an excellent reader. We truly believe that the mental abacus training helps synchronize  both sides of the brain to work actively for a much more efficient learning and help kids build confidence.”

- Rina & Pankaj Gajjar/ABG parents

"Of all the things parents have to worry about with their children, we now have one worry to cross off of our list. We are confident that with the abacus approach to math, our daughters will be more than adequately prepared in math." - Curtis Wilson/ABG parent

"I highly recommend Abacus Brain Gym if you want to become a genius. Abacus really has improved me since First Grade. By Fourth Grade, I was in Abacus Grade 5. I enjoy math, which keeps me moving in Abacus. Mrs. Bonnickson, the Fourth Grade teacher had the class do a 30 question MAD MINUTE with 20 as the highest possible answer in addition. I finished with 12 seconds sparing.  In Fifth Grade, I was Abacus Grade 7, when my TAG (Talented and Gifted) teacher had us do, yet another MAD MINUTE with 30 problems. No one, except Trevor Sawires and I completed. I had a long time to rest because of my speed. The MAD MINUTEs were getting harder and harder. The second challenge was made up of 40 MAD MINUTE problems. I again completed with 12 seconds left. Trevor barely made it. The third and last challenge was a 50 problem MAD MINUTE which I barely completed, leaving Trevor 2 short.  I win."

- Nicholas Liu/ABG student

"Our decision to have Nathaniel participate in this program was driven by the programs ability to develop our child's whole brain and lifetime skills. Unlike other programs, the Abacus program provides for long term results and optimal learning capability." 

- Michelle Adamolekun/ABG parent

     Abacus training…AMAZING…an essential component of my child’s math learning experience.  As a parent, I am thrilled my child has an opportunity to learn abacus math. 

      I met the amazing mom and Abacus Brain Gym’s owner with the amazing son doing amazing things with numbers. Back in 2011, during the orientation phase I asked the amazing mom if the children ever have difficulties with the program, some reasons, what motivates the littlest ones the most.  Her reply was, “I think when a parent is committed to get the result from their child, it is easy to see the child is committed and is willing to spend some effort.  Parenting is not an easy job, it takes creativity to motivate and inspire kids to work for their future that they can’t see yet.”  Wow…words any parent can live by. 

      Abacus Brain Gym for me is essential, we have to " participate.  You will be amazed at what your young children are really capable of.  Astounding!  Awe-inspiring! 

      I am so appreciative to Ms. Juli, Ms. Zelda, Abacus Brain Gym support and Winston for abacus, the program, the instruction, the help and the inspiration. 

      Allow your young student of math to amaze themselves and achieve levels of math competency beyond their imagination…Abacus Brian Gym is the perfect vehicle.  There just aren’t that many other ways you would know your young child is capable of math feats like this. 

 -Proud Abacus Brain Gym parents of a proud Abacus Brain Gym student (now age 7) " - D’Onn

"I love abacus because when someone asks me a math question I don't have to think  too long, I can give the answer fast and impress that person. I want to put a lot of effort and time in my homework  because I want to be a champion and being a champion is fun and exciting. I feel good and proud of myself and I have been getting lots of rewards from my parents (isn't that cool?). Thanks to Ms. Zelda for teaching Abacus and my abacus friends for keeping me motivated. - Sahana Sankar, 1st Grade. "

 - Sahana Sankar /ABG student

"In sharp contrast to the previous absent-minded Steven, he is a lot more focused now and can concentrate on one thing for a long time. I owe all these to the abacus training and the ABG’s effective teaching methods. I hope more and more parents will realize the potential of the abacus brain training and let their children have this opportunity which they probably never had when they grow up."

- Chun Wang/ABG parent

"I can tell you that Abacus is the most important asset that I had learned during my childhood and I will strongly recommend everyone takes these lessons. You will be amazed at how much this Abacus training can do." - Charling Bell/ABG parent

"I was scared I would not be good at the math when I first started attending abacus class.  I enjoy my teacher Ms. Zelda and my friends who have attended class with me.  The most important thing I think I’ve learned is that I can do things that at first seem too hard or impossible to do.  I am so proud of myself for what I’ve learned and accomplished during the time I’ve been an Abacus Brain Gym student.  ."

- Rachel Stevens/ABG student

"We are extremely thankful to Ms.Juli for providing a strong platform and motivating kids to excel in Abacus. Keep up the great work and program. It helps us identify Sahana's potential and provides the discipline for daily practice. Our special appreciation to Ms. Zelda for keeping the kids busy and challenged during her class hours."

 - Kalpana Viswanathan/ABG parent

"Today, Cole was doing some mental math - thinking of the abacus.  A Watchdog (a dad that helps in the class / around the school) saw him and said “I can’t even do that”.  Of course Cole was proud of himself and told me about it this afternoon."

- Kristine Foster/ABG Parent

“I love learning abacus! It is a fun learning experience. Abacus has helped me excel in school. Abacus is exciting. Abacus is actually easy. Your mind will work hard though.”

- Joyce Chen/ ABG student

"Abacus gives me motivation to try new and different things. Abacus has and still is going to help me in almost anything I do. Abacus also helps me look at things especially math in a different perspective.”

-Elaine Hung/ABG student

" Abacus makes your brain stronger. You can defeat yourself by using your brain.  I like abacus because I became the best math student in my class.”

- Vladimir Volobouev/ABG student

My daughter has never been this aggressive on anything before the abacus training. She has gain more confidence than before.” - Grace Chen/ABG parent

"If I had time, I would help other students learn how to use the abacus. I would persuade them to come to Abacus Brain Gym and join the fun." - Kara Li/ABG student 

"It is not uncommon for my daughter to ask for numbers to add and subtract whenever there is a moment of unfilled time. In restaurants, while driving in the car, at home –she enjoys practicing! I’ll never forget the reaction of my family members when Caitlyn was able to come up with the correct response to a math equation before my older brother, sister and mom. They each have advanced degrees from college and yet my 7 year-old-daughter was out-adding and subtracting them."

- Nina Wilson/ABG

"It is really our kids' fortune to have the chance to learn abacus math." 
- Louisa/ ABG parent

“After two years of training, Nicholas is way ahead of his peers in many ways. Nicholas can also process very complicated information other than mathematics fast and accurately.  The challenging task we now have is to find something for Nicholas to explore for his fast thinking mind.”

- Annie Gao and Chang Liu/ABG Parents.

“I have been engaged in research concerning the abacus for many years from the perspective of a psychologist.  My research findings show that abacus study not only improves the ability to calculate both on the abacus and mentally, but also provides a beneficial ripple effect on other disciplines.”

– Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor, Shinshu University, Faculty of Education

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