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Finally - A proven abacus math training designed to increase the ultimate brain power with fun, effective online videos and Abacus Mastermind software that will bring the result faster and more accurate! 

Are you ready for the ultimate brain power?  

Are you ready to find your best self?

Are you ready to achieve your best potential in life?

Are you ready to have the mental power to do hi-speed mental math and anything above and beyond the possibility?


In just a few months, you’ll be ready with a capability to do mental math, an amazing skill that boosts all the confidence that comes with being prepared for a massive success in the future.

          No more fealing overwhelmed in any learning subjects. It’s time to maximize each and every potential that you are born with.

          No more stressful, panicked late nights struggling to finish your homework or get ready for your tests the next day .

          No more slow speed learning that eventually leads to feeling defeated. It’s time to maximize your time and your potential and have an easier journey in your academic years.

No more wondering when and how you’ll finally be seen for your gifts & talents. You will discover it sooner and be so much happier in life.

This is the first step! You’ll have everything you need, and be fully supported throughout this program to take advantage of the most powerful learning tool around, the amazing abacus mental math power.

The transformation of the abacus mental math  is more than being prepared with math skill.  It’s a proven structure that empowers you with your best human capacity for higher achievements  - all without having to learn so many complicated stuff . And as a life-long student, your mental math skill and brain power are everything. It’s the foundation of everything you do in your academia and your life. 

Even if you never like math or plan to be a super smart student, the Learning Abacus Online program is designed to provide you with life confidence and a structure for increased thinking speed

And when you can articulate your brain to think effectively, you’ll see unbelievable results. Knowing how to think smarter  in an authentic and compelling way, allows you to reach so many opportunities in life and be the best of you. 

The Learn Abacus Online program has been tested and proven by thousands of students.

Any student and those just getting started have all found success by simply following the modules and practice with the Abacus Mastermind software.

Learn Abacus Online is an easy to implement system with helpful video coaching. We’re talking about teaching and training in a way that leads to the best of you … and your future self thanking you for it!

Don’t let the word “math” scare you... we’re not talking the high level math. We are using a simple math, arithmetics, as a drilling tool to enhance your overall brain power during your most crucial brain development period.

You’ll appreciate this new mental math skill and it will absolutely help you build a faster, stronger and more creative mind.  You will not have any fear in learning any new subjects when you reach a higher thinking capability.  Pursue and learn anything you love with a much easier effort and get the result in a shorter time!

This training is normally sold for $7,800 for the entire 10 levels plus the mastermind levels. When you sign up today, you'll only pay a small fraction of the price for  Learn Abacus Online's system and receive several incredible bonuses for a limited time.

The Learn Abacus Online™ Formula is the MISSING LINK that gives you the best tool in life to achieve anything you could dream of. Consider it your secret weapon when it comes to reaching your best potential!

The Learn Abacus Online™ System sets you up for success whether your child is about to embark in a learning journey, or are a matured thinker

Your child training begins with the  accelerator foundation program, which is all about finding the right way to understand the early math concept easier

Your child will finally be able to master the mental math skill within a short period of time following the guided practices each week lesson by lesson.  

You will be able to see the value and transformation in your academic skills and you’ll reap all the benefits of following the lesson plans . You will always be the winner! 

The  Modules of Learn Abacus Online

Each module will build on the next, and every step of the way you'll BECOME MORE CONFIDENT!

You'll discover...

          How to tap into your hidden potential utilizing 19 brain functions in the exercise! Learning math using the concrete representation of abacus beads makes a lot of sense.  Math is no longer a mystery!

          The daily practice will help you build self-learning discipline that will eventually help you succeed in a big scale. You feel authentic and powerful, never loose self-confience in your self for the learning discipline you have built using the Learn Abacus Online method.

          How you can leverage your new mental math skill to increase your ability to learn anything else faster and easier.

          How to quickly solve math questions using your listening skill while enhancing your short term and long term memory simultaneously using the Abacus Explorer software.

          The mindset behind an improved learning skill — to make it easy for you to feel good and confident while you go through all academia, be it at elementary level now or college in the future.

Module 1

The foundation of abacus math

Mental processing ability or mental power is the heart of your learning goal.  You’ll get crystal clear on how to count numbers using the abacus beads and know how to effectively solve math questions using the abacus math concept.

Everything you have learned about math is still relevant in solving math questions using the abacus tool.   The difference is solving math using the abacus beads will create an opportunity for your left and right brain to synchronize for the ultimate brain power.   Module 1 will get you through solving any 1-digit number calculation and all the formulas that are involved to move the beads.

Module 2

Position Yourself for higher mental math power

Create a powerful foundation on handling 2-digit number calculation mentally and ensure you have the RIGHT start and the RIGHT foundation to support the mental ability for big numbers in higher levels. This module is all about creating a strong, accurate foundation because it will make your next level a lot easier once you master the module 1 and module 2!  Besides solving 2-digit number problems, Module 2 is where you will spend the time to master the speed on module 1's content while enhancing the times table memorization.

You'll discover...

          How to quickly calculate 1-digit numbers using your mental agility through listening and flash mode practice  (this will improve your thinking speed, concentration span, listening and reading skills plus build your competitive skill on Abacus Brain Gym's Hall of Fame)


With improved thinking speed, deep concentration for peak performance and mental calculation skill through the software practice - it is now perfectly clear why you want to practice more abacus mental math everyday.

          A simple formula you can use forever to position yourself with a striking ability anytime, anywhere. You’ll use it to  build more confidence and ready for more challenges.

          Know how to handle time pressure in solving questions.

          Give yourself an oppportunity to build an amazing habit in completing homework assignment that allows you to have more focus and remove your learning fear.

Module 3:

Seed to Pursue Excellence

This is the “challenge” level where you will learn how to solve multiplication and division problems on the abacus.

Knowing how to handle more difficult tasks while you build valuable learning skills. Patience and persistence are the key to succeed! When you follow this simple yet powerful training, you’ll hit all the markers, earn respect and  be proud of yourself for a big accomplishment!

You'll discover...


       You will get results AND feel empowered.


You don’t have to work so hard once you know how to think smarter, you would want to keep practicing because you know you have improved your learning skills, learning discipline, and you want to keep going for a more powerful brain.


Module 4

Unleash Your Brain Power

Module 4 can become your favorite part as there are not so much new concept to learn, but it is a challenging level as the numbers get bigger and longer. You will solve 3-Digit numbers  on abacus and build the mental speed for the content of Module 3.  You’ll learn how to focus and build a longer concentration span.

          The importance of the daily routine practice will get you through Module 4 with less mistakes and higher scores.  Eventhough the learning topic in Module 4 is easier, however students make a lot of mistakes in Module 4 as it takes their longer concentration span to solve each problem.   Follow our simple steps for a painless transition from the foundation levels to the advance levels (Making all your efforts in the foundation levels count!)

          The RIGHT way to practice to get a real result in a way that feels empowered!

Module 5 to Module 10

Maximize Every Neuron in Your Brain

Module 5 to Module 10 and the Mastermind level will train you to have learning techniques that can help you unleash all your hidden potential. The harder you think, the more you exercise your brain.  When you go through higher levels, it requires a lot of logical thinking and visualization power at the same time. You will be at hyper-learning state and your brain workout will be intensive and reach "A-HA brainwave peak performance pattern, this will eventually help you build more and healthier brain cells and synapses.  This opportunity is what you would like to have if you want to build the strongest, most creative and high-speed brain!

You'll discover...

          Grow your endurance to embrace more challenges. A very important reason to practice as much as possible!

          How to keep all the skills you have built and minimize mistakes in your answers as the questions get longer and the numbers get bigger.  The secret for getting your brain to reach the highest potential.

          How to utlize your mental math skills and the right-brain power to other type of learning - you’ll build your ability to think faster than you ever imagined.

Learn Abacus Online includes advanced techniques to take you to the mastermind level.

Maximize your potential to the ultimate level!

Get Learn Abacus Online's most effective methods for learning the abacus mental math -- think faster, get powerful result, make an accurate decision that arrives to the best outcome. This is how you turn yourself into a super amazing student that may earn a full ride scholarship from any college you could dream of.

Learn how to train your brain to think effectively and do every step of the way.

   Build a better mental power to stay ahead... 

Rock any stage of your academic journey!

You will have a highly respectful reputation utilizing this brain power and high-speed mental math power that you could build for yourself .

Always Know What not to miss in life... 

Timing is crucial especially when it comes to build a powerful brain during the prime brain development years!

With so many other type of trainings available today -- make sure you know The Learn Abacus Online™ is surely not the one to miss.  If you are the parents who have done a lot of research about the power of the abacus mental math, you have come to the right place that will deliver an impactful result with our decades of combined experience.  You won't think twice to choose other learning activities over the abacus mental math training.

3D-advice that changes life forever!  

Decide, Do, and Discipline!

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Just to back that up, I’ll give you 30 days to live with the system and decide if it’s for you … in your heart. If you decide it’s not for you, let us know through email and we'll give you a refund of your course tuition minus the credit card processing fee of 3%. It only costs you 3% of the amount you choose to pay to give it a try!

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