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Most advanced learning system to simplify the abacus math learning process and to achieve the result faster!  

* ABG training is quipped with Abacus Explorer software designed for multi-sensory training, adopted from Japanese' quick mind teaching application.

* ABG curriculum is from the original grandmaster of abacus mental math in Taiwan and Japan, and it has been tested for almost a century to deliver a proven result

* Most importantly, learn from ABG teachers who passionately work to bring the best potential in your child!


Don't be left out and have fun with us!

See your child at the top!

Weekly online meeting with ABG's online teacher on Tutorcast.tv

* 1 hours per lesson, once a week.....discounted rate $120/month, if paid upfront for one level

* Complete one level in 24 weeks in average.

* Private small class: one to one or one to two (small teacher to students ratio)

* If the teacher groups kids together occasionally, it is for motivating students with their peers and have them compete together in a session.

* Recorded online lessons, the whole family can always watch the previous lessons at any time.

* Space is limited. Reserve your sschedule NOW! We have limited online teachers at this time.

ENROLL ONLINE NOW  or email info@abacusbraingym.com for any questions you may have in regards with online class structure.

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